RF BB bus configuration / connection transmission error alarm after upgrading 5 MHz to 10 MHz

Hello Nokia Experts.

After upgrading 5 MHz to 10 MHz, these alarms are getting in sectors of a few sites.

There are two FBBC along with a FSMF in the sites.

How to resolve this?

What’s the configuration of your site?

In terms of Tech 2G / 3G / 4G.

2G with 12 TRX and 4G with 3 cells of 10 MHz.

And no 3G?

Can you show the connections view?

Change the connection.

Connect FRGU to port 1 of RF1 of FBBC 1.

When doing it on field, BO (Back Office / BSS guy) has to apply the change logically.

In the commissionning wizard.

Ok will check.

Whether BB processing resources are taken from the FBBC to which it is directly connected or its shared among all cells?

Based on the connection you do, resources are allocated from that port to the next one.

For the time being one sector was reverted to 5 MHz after resetting.

Normally we don’t make any configuration changes for making port change.

What exactly needs to be updated?

Sometimes you have to apply in the CW.

Just check when done and confirm if showing the same in CW.

You will have to see it this way after the port modification:

Oh, yes. Just adding changing the link.



Actually some BB pool related parameters are there.

But we don’t change those;

I was wondering if something is wrong with the configuration and needs optimisation,

No don’t change them.

You can enable BaseBand Pooling on AirScale when there is 3G to use the empty SU with 3G.

But only working on Airscale.

Yes, I got that in the description.


Don’t you have a BSS Nokia?

Normally they have an excel configuration file with the type of HW configuration based on modules.

Yes, but they are mostly limited to Hardware installation.

You can ask to Nokia support to provide that file.

They will give you the max of TRX, LTE configuration (BCS, ECS…), 3G cells etc.

LTE number of cells based on bandwidth and MIMO mode