Reselection from 2G to 4G in Huawei does not work

Hi Guys…My reselection 2G to 4G in Huawei does not work. Any Ideas?

I applied similiar script in BSC

Is the EARFCN is correctly created in the GSM network ?

In the case of E/// it is necessary

yes it is created

In 2g Lst GLTENCELL if LTE dummy neighbor defined properly


GLTENCELL is configured!!

Lst GEranfreqgrouparfcn defined properly!!

Should by GSM arfcn defined

Not defined.


Are you sure?

Also check lst csfallbackpolicycfg

Lst csfallbackblindhocfg

Lac/Tac mapping also at Mme end.

Lst csfallbackblindhocfg

Lac/Tac mapping at Mme end


Solved!!! Huawei set the LTE site in wrong MME

What about this case of 2G to 4G reselection? The UE is in idle mode in GSM at 14:41:31:014. I take out the UE from the Faraday cage (where there is only GSM) to outside where there is 4G. The UE goes to “No service mode” before going on 4G. What would be a reason for this?
Neighbor from BSC to LTE site was added. Reselection on GSM cell to LTE is enabled. System Information 2Quater is enabled.

Hi all,

what is the counter to check if Resel from 2G to 4G is working??


Why from G to L the resection will not happen even HO also.

I have verified the ue is capable in Ota had verified in RRC message. But L to G there is no issue…

Anyone can please explain