Research Challenges for the Advancement of Vehicular Networking

Looking back at the last decade, one can observe enormous progress in the domain of vehicular networking.

Many ongoing activities focus on the design of cooperative perception, distributed computing, and novel safety solutions.

Many projects have been initiated to validate the theoretic work in field tests and protocols are being standardized.

We are now entering an era that might change the game in road traffic management.

Many car makers already supply their recent brands with cellular and Wi-Fi modems, also adding C-V2X and ITS-G5 technologies.

We now intend to shift the focus from basic networking principles to open challenges in cooperative computing support and even on how to integrate so-called vulnerable road users into the picture.

Edge computing is currently becoming one of the core building blocks of cellular networks, including 5G, and it is necessary to study how to integrate ICT components of moving systems.

The panellists will discuss from an industrial perspective the main research challenges for the advancement of vehicular networking and the novelties that we can expect to see coming in the short term.

Panellists with extensive experience in Internet measurements, networks related to sustainable development goals, and highly-localized earth observation networks will discuss these topics and participate in a Q&A session with the audience.

The presentations were not shared, but you can find the video of the panel discussion here: