Reports terminology

Anyone idea for these terminology?
I mean CIQ and any sample report there?

  • CIQ
  • HLD
  • LLD
  • Acceptance Plan
  • Integration Guide
  • Installation and Configuration Guide
  • O&M Guide

Not sure about CIQ.
Quick Google shows Community Integration Questionnaire
Rest are:

  • HLD - High Level Design,
  • LLD - Low Level Design,
  • Accept Plan - Functional and Non Functional Test Plan
  • Integration Guide - Any document which shows how to Integrate solution, can be customer or if its COTS product than use supplier documents
  • Installation & Configuration Guide, same as above
  • O&M - Operation and Maintenance Guide, same as above.

It is probably CQI reported by UE even I too mix up! :grin:

CIQ is a document having all RF parameters, used by integration team.