Reporting optical signal level - how does it work?

How does the ONT report optical signal level?
What does it look like from the inside?
How the floating point value is being changed to the raw HEX in Ani-G?

OMCI (ONT Management Control Interface) is a protocol used for signaling exchange between OLT and ONT. Like - OLT may want to create a datapath that will be used for internet transmission, or OLT wants to check ONT’s LAN port state or other ONT’s parameters, like - RX signal level @1490nm. For all of that (and much more) - OMCI applies.

OMCI MIBs is a database, set of database objects, with entries that have some predefined meaning. MIB object can be public (defined in ITU-T like G.988 specification) or private (not defined in ITU-T, but with ID that is in a range of private IDs defined by ITU-T).

In standard OMCI implementations, to cover Optical Signal Level - public OMCI MIB is used. The name of that MIB is Ani-G (Access Network Interface, G - GPON).

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