Remove failure disks from HP 3PAR Storage Solution

Hello dear Experts.

I have an issue with IT (HP Storage Solution), and hopefully some data scientist here can help. :slight_smile:

Scenario: 3PAR 7200 Storage solution (from HP) with 40 disks - 6 with failure.
This is old Hardware, no longer supported (warranty) by HP.

I was able to logically remove 3 failure disks, but I am still struggling to logically remove the remaining 3. I have already tried steps below, with no success and I need some guidance:

3 disks are still stuck and without moving the “chunklets”, it will not be possible to dismiss the disks from the system forever and restore the system health. There is no way to replace the failed disks but only remove it from the system.
The disks have no volumes anymore so any data destructive command can be executed without fear. There are only data related to the Storage system/log-admin itself.

Below I have some commands to get actual status of the chunklets causing the problem:

Management GUI but with only few capabilities, CLI terminal is the one I am using: You will notice the faulty disks 33, 35 and 37 (Cage2 positions 14, 17 and 20)

Recipe prepared to dismiss each faulty disk (without replace):

Remove PD Recipe:
Step Command Purpose
showpd -failed Show Failed Disks
showpdch -fail Show which physical disks contained the failed chunklets

  1. setpd ldalloc off To stop data to drive - Repeat for all PDs
  2. showpd -s Make sure disks are in Degraded state
  3. movepdtospare -f -vacate -nowait Vacate all data from PD
  4. showpdch -mov See the Remaining chunklets to be moved
    4.0. showpdch - fail Failed Chunks
    4.1 showpdch -from Chunklets linked to the Disk to be moved
  5. movech -perm -ovrd X:Y OPTIONAL: If getting an error, move Chunklet manually (example X is the PDID and Y is the Chunklet number) repeat till disk is empty
  6. showpdch -spr Shows the Spare chunklets on the PD
  7. removespare PDID:a Removes the Spare chunklets from the PD
  8. dismisspd Dismisses the PD from the 3PAR
  9. Redo Steps 3-7 for all PDs
  10. Remove All PDs from Cage Remove the vacated PDs from the 3PAR
  11. tunesys -chunkpct 1 Tune System

Checking the LD (Logical Disks) I found that the system LD for log0.0 has problems, that may be also related to the 3 disks failing to be unlinked from the storage:

Cage 0 : without disks

Cage 1 : OK with 20 disks OK

Cage 2 : OK with 20 disks – 03 were removed logically and 03 are stuck marked in yellow

Any help will be appreciated.