Refarming 2G & 3G Spectrum and using it for higher technologies like 4G & 5G

Hi Experts, opinion needed.

In the recent years everywhere we are refarming the spectrum and using it for higher technologies like 4G & 5G while reducing the spectrum in 2G and 3G.

Every time we add a new layer in 4G, a jump in 4G traffic is reported and at the same time the reduction in 3G Data Volume is witnessed. Off course the increase in 4G Traffic is much more than reduction in 3G Data Volume.

2G/3G >> 4G Reselection Parameters are same, we are not restricting any user even before but why this shift was observed now?

If we increase the bandwidth of any existing 4G carrier, why traffic increase is reported only on this carrier?

Possible Reasons

  1. With added bandwidth and capacity in 4G, users get better throughput and they tend to consume more data
  2. With added capacity/bandwidth and lower PRB Utilization RSRQ in 4G improves and transitions due to RSRQ towards 3G/2G reduces

Can anyone add any other reason or justification ?

Dear @Mustafa_Rawat

Frequencies used for 2G systems are usually low bands (800/900/1800/1900), which have high penetration, tend to aggregate more users, so when they are used for 4G, a big increase in traffic and number of users is expected.

For case B, this seems to be a case of pent-up demand: since current resources are not enough, more bandwidth (hence more PRB) will alleviate users starvation. UE will only look for other bands if NW redirects them.