Reestablishment request under good radio

Hi Experts,

What could be the reason of Reestablishment request followed by reject that results NR handover failure under very good radio conditions in NSA.

In NSA , basic thing both both Anchor source - target suppose define on NR …
otherwise HO going to fails.

Can you please explain a bit ?.I am not getting you.

Anchor (A) - NR (A) <> Anchor (B) - NR (B) , HO will be fails.
Anchor (A/B) - NR (A) >< Anchor (A/B) - NR (B) , HO will be ok.

wish answer your question.


Thanks very much. Much clear now. Appreciated.

I’m not sure if I got your question right, but @l3p15 answer will be impacting the inter-SgNB HO.
If you mean LTE reestablishment then it depends on the vendor, there is a feature where if LTE drops and NR still active, all LTE additions are rejected by eNB if feature not enabled.
But this is limited to the serving cell only from my experience with Nokia.