Reducing RS power when upgrading Bandwidth

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If we have 15 MHz BW in one band and we need to upgrade this BW to 20 MHz, why we need to reduce the RS power?

RS power depends of numer of PRBs.
So with more PRBs, RS power will be less.

Exactly my thinking.
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RSRP is average measurements of all CRS signal.
When cell BW increased, no of PRB/RE increased.
If power not increased, power density is reduced, RE power reduced, so CRS power is reduced.

Generally when we increase BW we need to increase power license as well.
Other wise there will not be much benefit.
Power per PRB = Total Power/BW.

I think all answers are go in the same direction.

Anyone want to add something else?

you can back RS with normal
when add 20mhz with change pa,pb setting
if 20w and 15Mhz have RS =16.4db but when you add 20Mhz with 20w reduce RS to 15.2db

Hi, the question is why we need to reduce the RS power?, it should be why we need to increase the power?.
As other people said I won’t repeat the same but in addition, many a times though BW increases, we can not increase RS or total power to maintain previous RS power because of EMF non compliance issues or RRH of more power hv to b replaces so for some cases we have to compromise on power.