Reduce PRB/Increase Throughput of a congested Cell

Dear Experts,
Any solutions to reduce PRB/Increase throughput of a congested Cell if Traffic offloading is not possible (neigbor cells are also highly utilized).
As addition of extra band is not that easy, or new capacity sites will be installed in a longer time.
Its ZTE LR17.

Some power reduction was done previously to reduce PRB but that does not prove to be a healthy solution, Traffic Lost was observed

Please Check Data Volume/Connected User>If Both are Less, this means that the users are in bad RF conditions.
You can Check value in Residual BLER @eNB end.

You can implement SFN solution if the other sectors of the site are not so highly utilized.
We use it in stadiums with good results.
Single frequency network feature between ie sectors 1 and 2 if one of them is highly utilized and the second has lower utilization/users.

Is this ZTE feature?