Reduce Number of Paging Messages Lost due to PCH Congestion

To Huawei 3G Expert,

In my network below counter were pegging too much:


Based on the Counter definition mean… Number of Paging Messages Lost due to PCH Congestion, Cell.

I would like to know what is the parameter on Huawei 3G that can increase the PCH capacity to reduce this paging failure.

Appreciate if anyone can suggest.

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Consider disabling CELL PCH state on that cell.

After CELL PCH state disable mobiles will not receive data in DL on CELL PCH channel, just on CELL FACH and DCH.

I think you need to config the 2 channel FACH, and check the State transaction feature or fast dormancy.

You can try to redesign the LAC and RAC.
For me, i had PCH congestion and i had separated the RAC of one LAC into to RAC.


Yes, LAC splitting will also help.

Enable layer paging and do lac splits.