Reduce Interference in PCI Planning

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I have a question.

PCI values should be planned in clusters where each cell within a cluster has an equal value of ROUNDDOWN(PCI/30).

For example, PCI values 0 to 29 from one cluster, while PCI values 30 to 59 form another cluster, etc.

This approach helps to reduce interference between cells using different uplink Reference Signal base sequence group hopping patterns (if base sequence group hopping is enabled).

My question is: if base sequence group hopping is NOT enabled SO interference WILL NOT be reduced?

LTE network needs not only good RSRP levels, but also high Signal to Interference plus Noise Ratio (SINR).
If PCI is not planned well, it will cause high interruption of the Reference Signal (RS).
This situation may then result in an effective lack of signal coverage.
Physical Cell ID (PCI) is one of the most important cell’s identifier in the wireless network of LTE system. Therefore, PCI planning is one of the most important steps in LTE network planning and construction.
To assign PCI correctly and efficiently will increase resource utilization and QoS of the LTE system for subscribers.
Poor planning results in PCI conflicts or collisions which impact network performance.

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Thanks Ajit, but please, can you answer the question about if is necessary have pci in cluster about 30 pcis.