Reduce Handover Failures

Hello Experts.

Any advice to reduce Handover failure for LTE?

Also, could you share some formula for HO failure?

Some check:

  • T304 timer value
  • Target site having resources to admit new user
  • Admission control parameter over target cell having value to cater new user
  • X2 link having no issue
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Check ratio of HO too early or too late and adjust HO parameter accordingly for each HO relation.
(This is what MRO does)

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What are main causes of HO Execution failure?

  • Pci conflict
  • Interference
  • Poor RF
  • Target exceed cell range
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And how could we say if the two PCIs are with mode3?

You can do it in Excel with simple function = mod(PCI,3).

PCI value you get it from the cell configuration in your network.

If you find source and target with the same result of the equation then there is mod3 clash.

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You can check early, late or ping pong type handover scenario.

Regarding parameters you can change CIO(cell individual offset), A2 or can check RF conditions along with interference what already shared by other member.
Hope this helps…

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