Reduce CS Fallback (4G-2G) time in Nokia system

Hello Experts,

Any idea to reduce CS Fallback (4G-2G) time in Nokia system?

Maybe to enable 2G RIM procedure?
Saves more than 1 sec.

Priority reduce for 2G or blindpriority to 3G freq.

Make it blind handover.
Or blind redirection.

First allocate what is causing delay in the setup time
Is it reading SIB messages after csfb or access phases in 2G:

  • If it is reading SIB messages, Activate CSFB with RIM feature.

  • If it is access phase in 2G, search for related features from 2G side.

Also make sure neighbor definition 4G to 2G is well configured.
And not many neighbors configured… Better to be collocated and 1st neighbor.

And also you have to prioritize neighbours in REDRT list to have colocated on first place.
Some UEs does not measure best but the first one suitable ARFCN.

Colocated ARFCN priority: