Reconfiguration Failure after sending a reconfigurationWithSync in RRC Reconfiguration

Hi Experts

I have an Handover test case where I send the RRC Reconfiguration containing the ReconfigurationWithSync but I get an RRC Reestablishment with cause Reconfiguration Failure.

From the UE log, after the RRC reconfiguration, I can see these events:
EVENT_NR5G_RRC_HO_STARTED_V2 which includes the correct info for SourcePhyCellId, SourceARFCN, TargetPhyCellId, TargetARFCN;
EVENT_NR5G_RRC_MCG_FAILURE with the failureType = Reconfiguration Failure;

I guess there are some issues with IEs I’m configuring into the MasterCellGroup IE.

Can anyone help me to understand how can I fix it?

Without that RRC reconfiguration message and additional details like UE capabilities etc, it’s impossible for anyone to debug this with the info you provided.

Thanks for your replay @pradeep.

As UE Capabilities you mean those included into the ue-CapabilityRAT-Container, isn’t it?

Maybe am I reconfiguring something that conflicts with such Capabilities?

Solved: in my case the masterKeyUpdate was sent w/o SecurityConfig

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