Recommendation for Performance Monitoring Tool

HI Guys

I have been tasked on finding the best performance monitoring tool for our network.
Any recommendations for this?

Our network is LTE + 5G (SA), no 2G or 3G


Which Vendor ?

Huawei → PRS
Ericsson -->ENiQ or BO
3rd party

We looking for 3rd party monitoring tool.

we have Huawei, Nokia and ZTE as Radio vendors. Huawei For CORE.

Tool should support both Radio ad CORE

TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile) in Brazil - one of the biggests MNO in Brazil - adopted Open Labs’s Altaia system to monitor their network, Radio and Core…

TIM’s Network Quality and Governance area implements the Altaia solution, from Open Labs, to monitor and manage the quality and performance of its network. The Altaia platform at TIM is calculating, in near real time, more than 6 thousand KPI’s and performing more than 15 billion calculations per day already at the startup of the solution.

According to Michelle Bastos Lage Ferreira, Director of CTIO Governance at TIM, the initiative follows the company’s systems migration strategy to the cloud and the commitment to sustainability indicators. The solution, through its alarm module based on pre-defined KPIs, is integrated into the monitoring center and guarantees the activation of the responsible areas for the treatment of degradations quickly, mitigating impacts on services and improving the quality perceived by customers.

“The adoption of Altaia is an important step to ensure complete management of networks and their indicators, ensuring scalability and speed in new integrations, near real-time monitoring and improvement of the Customer Experience while using our fixed and mobile services”, highlights Michelle.

According to her, the Altaia platform is able to proactively identify network problems, both in equipment and services, and trigger specialized teams to evaluate and implement the necessary corrections, in real time. It processes and makes available the KPI’s for Anatel to monitor the quality of TIM’s services.

For Cleverson Novo, Commercial and Marketing Director at Open Labs, another highlight of TIM’s Altaia project will be to maximize operational efficiency, since in the proactive management of the network, it anticipates eventual problems and automatically activates the specialized teams, avoiding manual activities , making the technical team focus on solving the root cause of the problem.

“Altaia is a flexible solution, allowing it to be easily adapted to the operator’s business processes, so that operations teams have full control of the state of the network and services, managing and evolving their own KPI’s, performance thresholds, Dashboards, among others. In addition, Altaia allows you to further promote the user’s vision, that is, generate business with the analysis of network usage, contributing to the so-called CEM (Customer Experience Management)”, explains Cleverson.

Altaia is part of the NOSSIS One solution, by Altice Labs, parent company of Open Labs. This solution provides a complete set of functions related to the management of telecom networks and services, supporting the Network and Services Operation areas. In the telecom market, systems that operate in these domains are called OSS’s or Operation Support Systems. It is compatible with any network provider, any type of service and any type of technology.

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Hi all! This is INFOVISTA. We can help in monitoring, performance, etc. Fixed and mobile networks.

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