Reasons for one way speech during a mobile call

Hello Experts.

What could be the possible reasons for one way speech during a mobile call?

Observed in ZTE and Nokia as well.

I think observed on GSM, right?

Solved by ETME toggling

I just remember the solution but don’t know how hh

It might be due to different reasons.

Need to check radio conditions, sometimes coverage problem and interference, sometimes BSC has hardware issue and calls on specific bcsu face mute call, sometimes missing IP routes and IP/VLAN.

Really need to dig deep to find the root cause

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  1. RF Coverage/Quality/SINR
  2. HO Delay
  3. Frequent CSFB/SRVCC
  4. Retransmission
  5. QOS/MTU Mismatched
  6. Physical layer issue ( CRC, High Power , Link utilisation, Link fluctuations)
  7. B party network if problem in DL direction
  8. TADS


It happened to me some time ago…

The MOC was in Huawei’s Core, the MTC was in Nokia’s Core.

We got many issues with voice calls and they were because Nokia’s Core didn’t configure certain codes.

Check RTP packet loss. Alongwith SINR at same time.

Oh… Can you please specify any such codes?