Realme Phones info

Hi All,
Anyone using Realme phone for testing?
Does it support b4+ n78?


Oneplus realme?
Which one is it from this picture? (from cacombos)

No, different. Chinese brand. :slight_smile:

Realme x50 5G.

Realme should be the new Xiaomi.

Yes, Realme will be market leader soon.

It does not support b4 + n78.

Oh, I see. That’s why scg cell addition fail.

But this is seen by network in UE capabilities.
It should not even send B1 for such an UE.

Yes, good point. Let me ask for logs from team.

Lot of limitations coming from UE end.
Don’t know when UE will be mature for 5G fully.

What this 3c indicates?

Ok, it means 2 carriers of LTE with CA for b3 + n78 works.
It can be intra band contiguous or non contiguous for B3.
Is it correct?

3C means in band 3 it can have 40 MHZ CA with maximum 2CC.

Ok. Marker for intra band contiguous or non contiguous missing.

Yes, not present in current parsing.

Thanks :+1: very good site developed to check band per phone (cacombos).

Keep in mind that there might be phone missing.
Database is updated daily.
But sometime it takes time.

Yes. Is it developed by you or some friend? Excellent work! :+1:

Not by me.
I have no contribution.
I just use it. :wink:

But you gave the path to us :+1::pray: :slight_smile:

Your realme phone with european version has much more band combinations: