Real SS-PBCH-BlockPower power sent to UE is 3db higher than configured one. Why?

Nokia parameter is set as SS-PBCH-BlockPower=15 dbm but the value sent to UE is 18dbm
from where that 3 db boost is coming ?

+3dB is signalled to UE to consider TX diversity,

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Hi Shalab, thanks for ur answer. Would you bring some 3gpp source for this or is it only a Nokia implementation? For FDD : our sites 2x2 or 4x4 and for TDD 32x32 closeloop
I would really appreciate if you can explain because it will impact coverage of SSB/PBCH and comparing to LTE to calculate overlap btw lte/5G.
Many thanks

I am not sure about 3GPP specifications but following is specific to the OEM you asked

  • For Beamforming cases, it’s always signalled as +3dB
  • For Non-Beamforming cases depends on TX mode used - If 2TX then +3dB, if 4TX then +4dB is signalled
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