Rate Matching and Interleaving in LTE

Hi friends,
Would like to check below flow and understanding.
Let me know if any change required for LTE:

TBS from Mac layer --> crc added --> codeword --> coding applied --> interleaving/rate matching --> modulation applied --> resource mapping/MIMO --> ofdma signal generation.

Now coding applied is as below for LTE:
Turbo coding for ul-sch, dl-sch, pch.
Convolution coding only for BCH.
Block coding for pfcich.

Need to discuss type of rate matching in detail used for LTE.
What is it usage?
Is rate matching and interleaving same terminology?
Which entity allocate EPS and DRD ID is it P-GW?

Rate matching is different from interleaving.
Interleaving is spreading the data in time.
Rate mtaching and puncturing means filling in the data according to TB size.

Here you can find good complementary read: Why is interleaving and turbo coding popular for LTE channel coding?

Also, this gives a good example: What is Interleaving?

PCRD directs PGW and PGW provision it. PCRF does allocation.

Thanks, do you mean PCRF allocates ID?
Like one PDU having multiple QoS session and per UE we can have 16 DRB mapped with QoS session?
Any idea for limit of DRB linked with EPS ID? Is it the same?

Cannot remember.
I think IDs are assigned by PGW.
I also think DRBs ID is at eNB.
But again: cannot remember. :frowning:

Yes I find 2 id EPS and DRB ID.
Like EPS ID 5 and DRB ID 1.
BRD between UE and eNodeB.

Erab Between UE and S-GW.
S5/S8 between SGW and PGW.
Eps = erab + S5/s8

There are feature in network like 8 EPS bearer per UE, parameter there as well.