Random Access problem in DSS specific cell

Dear All.

In DSS I’m observing Random Access problem for 2 cells while 1 cell is OK.

Any suggestions?

Maybe wrong PCI/RSI configuration.

I am getting measuremnt for serving cell as:

  • RSRP -69 dBm
  • RSRQ -10.5 dBm
  • SINR 19.5 dB

Yet Random Access failure, strategy used is CFRA in RRC reconfig.
This is for 5G DSS.

Check ZCZ, prachConfigurationIndex too. From distance criteria point of view.

+ UL interference.

Thanks all.

Initially all 3 cells of 5G DU were impacted.
But after vDU delete created, one cell revovered, Prach config index is ok and similar to non prob cell
UL interference is ok

I don’t have Mac logs as of now. Is there any other way to check if same preamble used by UE in MSG1 or RAR sent to UE?

ZCZC is configured ok
Or how can I check TA (as I don’t have mac logs as of now).