RAN Vendors 2020 retrospective

2020 was a complicated year.

Even though, in 2020 has seen a huge amount of news and updates in Tellecomunications.
Many customer wins, partnerships and agreements that have taken place as well as awards and industry analyst endorsements - whether to increase

Take a look at at an example: Nokia retrospective of the unprecedented year 2020.

I personally don’t think Nokia is doing well in Telecom…

Just to understand what is going around… Not an advertisement :grin:

How and why?

In Europe Nokia’s luck was with Donald Trump that managed to chase out Huawei from some countries. Otherwise Nokia’s 5G market in Europe would have been very limited.
In US Samsung managed to secure a 6 billion contract.
Not Nokia, not Ericsson.

Currently Nokia has 100 5G deals and 160 commercial 5G engagements around the world.

Ericsson is still in US.
AT&T has both Ericsson and Nokia.
Verizon preferred Samsung over Nokia.
Nokia won some big 5G contracts here in UK.

Yes I think with EE.

True, US chasing out Huawei helped Nokia a lot for Europe.

Even helped Samsung.
Samsung is not into 3G and 2G… thats the bottleneck.

In Europe there’re lot of M2M in 2G and 3G (ATMs, paypoints, cab devices, etc…).

Telstra using 3G for the same, but shutting down with an alternative action plan using 4G.

Is that without political pressure & support?

Who can put political pressure on private companies?

Do you think telecom operators are only a private companies who can do anything they want?
It’s matter of national/international security, etc…

There’s no security concern for Nokia Ericsson or Samsung.
So Samsung’s contract is a comercial win.