RAN Paging Discard/Blocking counters

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Can anyone share RAN Paging Discard/Blocking counters for Nokia, Ericsson Huawei and ZTE? For 2G, 3G and 4G

C3000 2G and RRC Paging Discard at ICSU in 3G.

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How to calculate Paging Discard ratio?
And is “100 - Paging Discard ratio” as Paging Success ratio?

Paging SSR must be calculated at MME not eNB.
If calculated at eNB, KPI is very small.

MME level formula of discard: L.paging.dis.num/l.paging.s1.rx x 100.
UE to MME via eNB.

No. This discard is at cell paging channel.

MME sent 1 paging message to all eNB in TAC.
But only 1 eNB response.
SSR at MME = 100% but at eNB almost 0%.

But S1.rx are calculated from eNB to MME.
For cross verify you have n number of paging things to be sure.

For RAN side, I suggest 1 formula to estimate paging-ssr, at TAC level.
For eg: TAC-X has n enodeb, paging response of TAC-X = sum of paging response of n enodeb, while paging attempt per TAC-X = max paging attempt all enodeb received from MME.
Normally, paging attempt at all enodeb received from MME are equal, but due to some issue their may be different, such as transmission interupted, site sleeping, off.
So need to get max of all enb.

L.Paging.S1.Rx: Number of received paging messages over the S1 interface in a cell.
L.Paging.UU.Succ: Number of Successful Paging Responses from the UE in a cell.