Radio resources not available

Hi Experts,
I have one friend facing issue of radio resources not available.
What can be reason other then pucch resources, tx resources, etc.
Anyone using apuuch in network adjusting Pucch resources.
Pucch bandwidth for cqi is it fixed or auto calculated.

Srs resources too.

Format channel for pucch can be adjusted it huawei lte it has rb saving mode if uplink congested in format channelallocation1.
Lots of things can be done depends where is the congestion.

I think for LTE congestion main culprit is pucch resources.
Anyone having other ideas can write up.

Change to rb saving mode and make it random.
Don’t keep fix then.

Huawei has enough counters to identify shortage type.

Users can increase leads to puuch resources increase.

CCE check, aggregation check, pucch, srs and prb check.
And srs too to see wheres the issue.

Oh, yes CCE can be bottleneck.
But we have load based PDCCH taking care.
Srs reported by UE.
Not sure for this.

Load based pdcch you mean dynamic pdcch?
First identify where.