Radio Physical Resources

5G Resource Block (RB) and Resource Element (RE) Concept :

5G Resource Block (RB) and Resource Element (RE) are essential components in the 5G radio frame structure for efficient utilization of radio resources

:globe_with_meridians: 5G Resource Block (RB): A resource block (RB) is the smallest unit of radio resources allocated to a user or device in the time-frequency domain. It is used to transmit and receive data, such as control and user information, within a 5G network.

:bar_chart: RB Size: In 5G, an RB consists of 12 contiguous subcarriers in the frequency domain and a specific number of OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) symbols in the time domain. The time duration of an RB depends on the subcarrier spacing and the number of OFDM symbols.

:world_map: RB Allocation: The allocation of RBs to users is based on their needs and network conditions. The 5G scheduler is responsible for assigning RBs efficiently to ensure high network performance and minimize interference.

:straight_ruler: 5G Resource Element (RE): A resource element (RE) is the smallest unit within a resource block. It represents a single subcarrier in the frequency domain and a single OFDM symbol in the time domain.

:brick: RE Building Blocks: Each resource block (RB) contains multiple resource elements (REs). For example, if an RB has 12 subcarriers and 14 OFDM symbols, it consists of 12 x 14 = 168 REs.

:books: RE Usage: Resource elements are used for various purposes, such as transmitting control information (e.g., synchronization signals, channel state information) and user data (e.g., voice, video, data traffic).

In summary, the 5G radio frame structure utilizes resource blocks (:globe_with_meridians:) and resource elements (:straight_ruler:) to efficiently allocate and manage radio resources for various devices and applications in a 5G network. The 5G scheduler assigns resource blocks to users, and each resource block is composed of multiple resource elements.

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