Radio conditions OK, BLER 80 and CQI 1, but still call dropped

Yes, correct.

Is possible that have external interference?

What is your RSI? Forgot to ask that…

It is ok.


But SINR and CQI are OK.

Yes, is correct.

In this case SINR don’t have relation with CQI, but the retransmission I think that is for BLER very high.

Yes, I was reacting to the interference advice.

If interference you will see it on quality indicators not only BLER.

But another indicators are OK, SINR and RSRQ.

Is is the same cell covering there?

Yes, the site in left have 95 meters high and site at right have only 35 meters.

The site in right side is new.

The other is old, for this reason I find cross sectors.

And these drops that he operator don’t find.

Ok so they must correct the cross sector.

Then review the coverage because it’s overshooting a lot.

Did they reviewed RSP after new activation?

Keep us updated of your further findings

Yes, they did.

I have this alarms in this moment:

Antenna shoudl never be installed at 95 m height.

No matter how much you downtilt it, it will still pollute and overshoot.

Solution is to lower antenna height to 35-40m from 95 m height.

I told you: check TX.

Thanks, I reported that to team.

The operator don’t want bring down anntenas, this site is in the Amazonas and don’t have another site in 50 km, only new site for the town.

The problem was bad instalation, without alarms