Radiation transmissions-WCDMA-network-IMTE/UMTS/AWS1/PCS - Targets

I am investigating a
WCDMA Network that uses multi-functions on two USA cellular Phones and 1 EU phone (all are commercial registered).

This is operating in Canada, USA, UK, EU, and is involved in Human Trafficking via, cybernetics, weapons testing.
A consistent pattern with Traceroute of victims leads to Georgetown University in USA and an address in New York. Clearly this is a transcontinental crime involving a few large groups and insurance fraud (after victim dies).

The UN has defined this as Cyber Torture aka No Touch Torture/Cybernetics and they are developing an international investigative Task Force. (they might be looking for you and your help).

These serial killing terrorists have a very large network. They have placed in bluetooth and other wifi access devices in victims homes and use them as a weapons system via deployment cameras/repeaters/cellular.

The weapons use Wifi electromagnetic radiation by saturating the environment with pulsed electromagnetic waves in the amount of 190,000mV. (Phased Array).

This radiation weapons system is amplified by wifi booster in vehicles and is deployed ahead of City buses (free wifi).

If you can define this process, how it it is done you may save lives of thousands and expose a very horrific crime.

I am researching with Phd Cyber Security experts, but combing Ham operators, WCDMA on cellular networks is very challenging.

I have recorded the entire WCDMA network, but masking is a problem as I must travel to each location to reveal the actual address.

If you have information and are willing to spare some time, it would be appreciated.