RACH procedure msg1-msg4 failure in 5G

Hi All,
sgNB failure or Scg failure post RRC Reconfiguration complete massage.
Rhe query is: Is it a RACH procedure msg1-msg4 failure in 5G?

Second query is: if failure reason is random access problem what could be the possible reason other than poor radio condition as RSRP is -95 dBm?

For random access problem other reason is msg3 retx occur due to crc nok once it reach max limit UE will send SCG failure information due to random access problem.

Thanks @ankgitm.
There are 2 different reason for scg failure rlc-MaxNumRetx, & randomAccessProblem.
As you said correctly for max limit reached; what are the reason for random access problem why there is problem in rach with good radio condition.
Is it like msg1 preamble is not heard by NB?

Hi @meo, for msg1 issue if rsrp good still gnb not able to listen please check pathloss.
I find sometime high pathloss lead to this issue as well.

can you please elaborate further, any counters/kpis to check pathloss and what’s the recommended value to not exceed