RA dedicated attempt, response along with failures in one NR cell only increased a lot

Hello Experts.

Anyone know what is the reason why RA dedicated attempt, resp along with failures in one NR cell only it increased >100%?

No activity and all check point from trace scg failures shown RACH problem and T310expired.

Vendor is Huawei.

It can be overheated UE.

How to confirm this without Huawei tools?

Because to confirm this we should run FMA analysis, brd log etc.right?

Each UE manufacturer have a special cause for overheating.

So it is not about Huawei tool but about identifying UE with problems.

Thanks. Any specific counter for this, to indicate maybe?

Not aware of any for overheating UEs.

That’s the point.
Even overheating Huawei features still not mature for all chipsets, as per their confirmed.
Difficult to locate that specific UE.

For me,I’m sure this is UE related but somehow to prove this some specific exp is required.:sweat_smile: