Quick information on 5G NSA UL Fallback Feature

  • The network side controls the UE to dynamically send uplink data to the gNodeB or eNodeB based on the uplink SRS SINR of NR.

  • In this way, the uplink coverage of LTE can be used to compensate for the insufficient uplink coverage of NR

  • The uplink coverage of LTE can help offset the inadequate uplink coverage of NR particularly for NR EDGE Users

  • The BTS(eNB) directs the UL Data path to NR or 4G by sending an RRC Reconfiguration message(gNB send the information through sgNB modification required message) includes two key parameters. For instance, if the BTS opts to switch the user data path from 5G to 4G, it alters the Cellgroup parameter from 1 to 0 and sets ul-Datasplitthreshold to infinity.

  • UL Path is only switched for data(From 5G to 4G), while it remains unchanged for the control part (SRS & PUCCH).

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