Qualcomm 5G Infrastructure Platforms to Drive Cellular

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. today (Oct 20, 2020) announced a full portfolio of 5G infrastructure semiconductor platforms designed for broad deployment scenarios, ranging from macro base stations with massive MIMO to micro base stations with compact designs, to accelerate the cellular ecosystem transition toward virtualized and interoperable radio access networks (RAN) – a trend driven by 5G.

Will Qualcomm enter also the open RAN race?

It seems so.

Qualcomm business never compete with your customers so it is very less likely that Qualcomm will come in Open RAN.
But for sure they will be making Open RAN chip.
Base station chip similar to what they currently doing in Cell Phone market.

USA government needs to bring up an US-based network provider.

Everything in Open RAN works on COTS equipment (servers) up to PHY lower layer.
Qualcomm can produce however the radio part for open RAN for massive MIMO.

There are multiple us based network providers now like Mavenir, Altiostar.
Qualcomm focus will be more on lower PHY.

How do you know that? :wink:

Because that is their expertise, similar they did in 4G small cell.

Qualcomm business on 4G is nothing like it’s being proposed now.
But I’d say we wait and see.
I don’t actually think Altiostar is even on the same level of OEM US-government wants to sponsor.
They want to kill Huawei/ZTE.
Altiostar won’t make them even laugh.

Maybe you are correct, but Qualcomm’s investment in Altiostar say something different.

Please elaborate.
Is Altiostart using any QCOM chipset on NW side?

I heard something is going on in Rakuten Lab.
But ony rumors, cannot say it’s real.