Quad Beam Solution on 8T8R Antenna

Hi friends.

Has anybody come across a deployment or a solution where an 8 Port antenna is used with an 8T8R radio and there are 4 (quad) broadcast beams in the sector?
Soft split supports splitting a 65 degree sector into two 33 degree sectors.
Do vendors support Soft splitting a 65 degree into 4 splits?
This will make each broadcast beam some 15-17 degrees wide, and these will be static beams. Right?

Hi @Chalk_V .

Nokia supports soft split with 4-2T2R.
Ericsson don’t.
Huawei I think supports soft split, but I am not sure. (Others can comment).

Thanks. In case of soft split I guess the SSB beams will be absolutely static then. I dived deeper into this and came to know that at least Ericsson 8T8R radio # 8863 (B41, B77D, B41K) supports Soft Split for both 2T2R x 4 and 4T4R x 2. Huawei supports 4T4R x 2 for sure, not sure about 2T2R x 4.