QoS of VoLTE in interconnection between Operators

Hi Experts,
For a VoLTE call from one operator to another operator in same country, how QoS is maintained in interconnection between operators?
For EPS part, QoS is applied with QCI, it is ok, but what about the interconnection trunk between operators?

This is probably same within operator e.g. from RAN to Core generally national network (MPLS or other) is used.
DSCP marking for EPS bearer is mapped down to interconnect network and Quality is maintained.

Is this info in ibcf?

What is ibcf?

Inter Border Control Function to enable communication for VoLTEe calls between two IMS operators.

Why there are not too many VoLTE roaming aggrements?
What is the hard think there?
Is it because it is hard to provide QoS with carriers?

If it possible to maintain QoS with DSCP marking, why the number of VoLTE agrements between operators are low?

I haven’t tested this between operators but I cannot think of any other means to ensure quality on interconnect.
DSCP is bear attribute and believe its defined in PCRF.

No, I too have not in testing, just trying to understanding VoLTE too much complicated.
Yes saegw goes to pcrf for quality of services and pcrf send the bearer (so dscp term will be here) back to saegw.

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I guess it’s too complicated and it doesn’t worth the effort for all interoperability tests.
Not enough revenue to go on this path.
CSFB would be OK in roaming.