QOS: 5G VS 4G. How will QoS improve with 5G?

Here is a quick round-up on the promised values of the 5G QoS parameters:

Speed/throughput of 10Gbps, and a target of 20Gbps
End-to-end latency reduced to a range of 1-10 milliseconds and to 0.5 milliseconds for the physical network
Network availability stretched to 100%
Reliability parameters like block error ratio for 5G expected to be 0.00001 in a 1 millisecond period, compared to 0.01 in 4G
Jitter brought down to 10-100 microseconds
Bandwidth from 100Kbps for small sensor devices to several hundred megabits per second for industrial robotic cameras.

Suggestion Most welcome:

These are new technology and we all are in the learning phase if we will discuss more about 5G and the 4G question we could grow together.