QGIS Tutorial: Performing First Neighbor Layer Addition and Audit in QGIS

I got many requests to make a video showing how to add or check neighbors in QGIS.

This video will show you how to add the first layer of neighbors for each sector using QGIS.

Here are the steps required to add the first neighbor layer:

  1. Adding Site Information(Points) - Vector Geometry
  2. Create Sector Pattern (Using Shape Tools Plugin)
  3. Add Centroids (Using Centroid in Toolbox)
  4. Create Voronoi Polygons (Using Voronoi in ToolBox)
  5. Create Buffer Area(ISD) - Reproject from Degree to Meter
  6. Clip (Using Clip in toolbox)
  7. Join by attribute Location

Required Plugins

  • Shapetools
  • Spreadsheet Layers

Watch Video on YouTueb: :point_right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yI_gZrc7go

Linkedin: :point_down: