QGIS plugin to draw BTS cells

Hello people out there.
I did a little plugin for QGIS3, I havent test it in new releases or older than this one.
unzip the file in the plugin folder and load the app in QGIS and try it.
bts_sketch.rar (43.1 KB)


my having problems on loading da app.
can you help me.

Yes, please tell me at what step you are.
you first need to copy the plugin in the folder of the qgis … it would be something like …\AppData\Roaming\QGIS\QGIS3\profiles\default\python\plugins … once in plugins folder copy the .rar and unzip it to a folder with the same name.
I’m pasting my path on my pc but I will change my user by XXXX:
after that open QGIS and load the app clicking on “Plugins”-> “Manage and Install Plugins” … then select the BTSsketch logo in the square check box and click ok… then the icon appears on the app menu.
Please fill the “cellsheet.csv” accordingly with the details you want to plot.

Work’s fine now, thanks.
One more thing.
Is’t possible to change the polygon line to a dashed line, instead solid line.

Good that you could load it.
Now, to change the polygon line you may go to the “Layers” control on the left bottom of your screen and the layer should appear with the name “cells”. Right click on “cells” and go to properties. Then the “Layer Properties” windows should appear. In the left part of this window, go to the “symbology” submenu and click on it. After this on the right side of the window you may change this polygon to dashed line by clicking on “Simple fill” that its under the square with the “Cells” name. Once you clicked on the “Simple fill” on the bottom part an option to change to dashed line and many other options is on the “Stroke list” option. Click on the one you want and then click on “Ok” button.
Hope this helps.