Python Script Collection for File Management

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Automate your file management tasks with these Python scripts. Boost productivity and streamline your workflow!

  1. Clean Up Files and Directories: This script efficiently removes all files and directories within a specified folder path. It ensures a clean slate before analysis.
  2. Batch Clearing of Files and Folders: A versatile function for deleting files and folders across multiple paths. Streamlining data preparation for analysis.
  3. File Transfers via Excel Info: This script reads Excel data to facilitate batch file transfers. It moves files from source to target locations based on the provided information.
  4. Batch File Deletion from Excel Data: An automated approach to file management. It reads from an Excel file, identifies files for deletion, and carries out the operation.
  5. Transfer Files via Excel Details: This script reads Excel information, determining source and target folders. It then efficiently transfers files based on the provided data.

Python Script Collection for File Management

Download the python code from the following link: :point_down:

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