Python learning course online from very basic to advance

Hi Experts.
Any one sugest me the best Python learning course online from very basic to advance?

Youtube is best source.
It will get you started from very basic things.
And at least you will be able to build queries.

I want to do it step by step.

++ automation of Excel formula using Python.

Yes, it will guide you step by step from basic installation to beginner level. Just search.

Hi. It depends on what you whant to achieve but for me the core part is to know to to handle data with Python (Pandas library) once you get it (Through SQL query, *.CSV file, other libraries, etc).

For me Pandas is the most important aspect in Python.

You can start from Pandas and then adding knowledge according to your preference (Tech, Finance, etc).

Have you guys seen this? Data Science by telecomHall Community

Any comments or suggestions?

Have a look at this playlist, I have tried to cover python from basics and it is still ongoing as more videos are coming