Push VoLTE traffic from TDD 2300 to FDD 1800

Hello Experts,
Can anyone advice…
Want to push maximum of VoLTE traffic to FDD 1800 instead of TDD 2300.
Vendor Samsung.

You can completely block by voice prio “-1” or can tune A5 QCI 1 offsets.

Do you have service based handover feature? You can try that.
So QCI1 user move to L1800.
Once QCI1 establish.

One of the observation where we are having bi sector antenna installed.
At those places more VoLTE traffic is in TDD band.
Any settings need to check?

Then can try to move user by changing threshold early for QCI1.

What will be the appropriate settings for A5 QCI1?

I can tell you for Ericsson system.
To move traffic from TDD to FDD we can set QCI1 offset at TDD layer which will subtract from actual A5Th1 (early trigger for VoLTE calls).

Why don’t you use SPID based steering?
Have VoLTE users with separate SPID and priorities that SPID for specific layer.

Threshold 2interfreq qci1 change to -98 so a2 trigger early then A5 threshold1 to -102 and A5 threshold2 to -108.

Thanks all for all your valuable suggestions! :slightly_smiling_face: