Purpose of SSB/CORESET multiplexing pattern

Can anyone please help to explain about the purpose of SSB/CORESET multiplexing pattern?

It’s quite very difficult to explain in short about these multiplexing of SSB/CORESET.
It’s based on the search space sets
We have 2 types as we know: COMMON search space set and UE specific search space set search space sets are transmitted in MIB…
In Pdcch-configSIB which is of 8 bits further 4MSB and 4 LSB.(Most and least Significant bits) for more details… You can check the below link, from @Jaeku_Ryu:


However which multiplexing pattern to be used is based on the SSB scs or FR which is fixed from 3GPP I belive.
However multiple tables are interlinked to this. :blush:

Because of many things transmitted in this which are intern related to many tables… Its confusing and difficult to understand…

Thanks but my question is something different in terms of its usage.

Example: cell barred indicate cell is barred or not…
Likewise what is purpose of this multiplexing pattern… what exactly it control?

It’s just defining or controlling the locations for the SSB/CORESET RMSI PDSCH in freq, time or both.

In this picture:

Pattern 1 is TIME Domain multiplexing
Pattern 2 is TIME and Frequency domain Multiplexing
Pattern 3 is Freq Domain Multiplexing

Hope this will be helpful.