Purpose of Data Science in Telcos

Hello dears,

Whats is the main purpose of Data Science, specially in Telecommunications area?

First, about online courses: Most online resources on Data Science are giving very wrong impression about Data Science. Most people graduating from such brief Data Science courses from IBM, Microsoft etc get the very wrong impression that coding is data science.

Python Programming or R is absolutely pre-requisite of Data Science. But they alone are not data science.
A thorough understanding of Statistics is what constitutes data science. And of course learning Data Science is a long journey. Simply being able to automate work with Python is not Data Science.

I had to say this because whatever data science solutions I have seen in telcos, are at best monkey projects. Like killing a mosquito with missiles.

There’s no short cuts in Data Science. It’s going to be a long and rigorous journey.
But results would be outstanding too.

The purpose of Data Science is not to build fancy charts in Tableau and plotly. Nor it is to be able to put a lot of data on cloud. The purpose of Data Science is to increase the profitability of the company and reduce the OPEX by 80%.

If the Data Science team cannot reduce the OPEX within first three years, fire the complete Data Science team. Since Data Science team is itself an additional OPEX.

Well put @Misbahuddin_Abdullah.

There’s a lot of visions/purposes. All starting with Data towards Results!

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