Purge UE on Roaming


How can we force a purge on the UE if the user is roaming with another operator?


I think what you look for is MAP_PURGE_MS (3GPP TS 29.002, section 8.1.6 and 19.4.1). It is used in roaming cases for cleaning up, when the user returned home.

MAP_PURGE_MS is triggered by 3G VL/SGSN towards the HSS.

If the UE is “roaming to another operator”, my guess is that you have no access to such nodes.


I would like to understand if it is possible to perform a disconnection, followed by a reconnection in the Roaming scenario (I believe it would be Purge for this scenario). However, I don’t have access to the other operator’s network elements.

So is there another way to accomplish this?

You can remove user by “PLMN not Allowed” cause from MME or SGSN, if MME/SGSN vendor support this command.