PUCCH resource request failure

Hello Experts,
For Pucch resource request failure for cqi resources and sr resources, from what value can start considering that the resources are becoming congested? This is because in my network, i have PucchsrRescongCqi and PucchsrRescongSr reporting 16., so i don’t know if it is a bad value or not. Please i need your suggestions.

Any pucch related alarm u r getting or facing issue in rrc setup phase
U can check max num rrc users parameter in cell ,bw of cell to dimension ur pucch resources for cqi and sr

yes RRC success rate is below threshold, and number of RRC connected users is close to 170. But before thinking of dimensioning pucch i will like to know if this reported puuch value for both sr and cqi resources is high? since most of time it’s usually zero, but today it is 16. so is this high ? and from what minimum value reported can we consider that it is high?