PUCCH and PUSCH Allocation in 5MHz BW?

in LTE, let us know if we in drive test can see how PUCCH/PUSCH allocated on 5MHz BW. Is there any smart way to see these PUCCH/PUSCH positioning from OSS or DT ?

For pucch, in samsung, there is cause code 371 which tells pucch congestion.
By parameter start state index, we can increase PRBs allocated for pucch. E.g start state index 0 has 4 prbs allocated for pucch. Ssi 1 has 8, till ssi4 has 16 prbs.
For 5MHz , as there are only 25 total PRBs, start state index 0 and 1 can only configure so max 8 prbs for pucch. We have dynamic pucch allocation feature which auto increase prb if pucch congestion detects.

Now coming to pusch. There is counter ulcceallocationfail which tells CCE allocation fails in UL
Parameter is minorfixedCFI which can be 1 to 3 which is dynamic in our network. Means if 1 is insufficient then network allocates 2 CCE for that user having ul cce alllocation fail.

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