Private 5G Notes

I have a lot of people asking me about the transformation to 5G in private networks.

For this article, I will assume that you have a basic knowledge of private networks.

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Notes on P5G as of 2023

Private 5G Systems

OK, so you want the pros and cons of planning a P5G? Let’s break this down by scenario. Here is what I can give you at a high level.

This article covers P5G, Private5G, PLTE, WSP, and WirelessCarriers.

We will have to ask some simple questions.

  • Will they build it with an integrator or use a carrier (WSP)?
  • Will they do it themselves?
  • Do they have a real use case?
  • Do they have the money, budget, and ongoing OpEx budget to support this?
  • Is this a test or a real network?
  • Will Wi-Fi be good enough?
  • Why does the business want it? Be very clear with each use case!
  • Do you really need P5G or is PLTE good enough?
  • What’s the intended roadmap?
  • Do you have a trusted partner working outside of the integrator, WSP, and your own IT department?
  • Do you have an executive that will support this throughout the project?
  • Did you build a CapEx and OpEx budget for the next 5 years?

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