Private 5G in Korea

South Korea MNOs cannot become private 5G operators and generate revenue by providing private 5G services directly to enterprise customers. However, MNOs are preparing various business models in anticipation of private 5G as the next new source of revenue in addition to B2C public 5G services (5G phones).

Some potential avenues they could explore:

  • Providing network infrastructure and equipment: MNOs can leverage their existing expertise and infrastructure to become key suppliers of equipment and solutions for private 5G networks. This could involve partnerships with enterprises or acting as neutral vendors offering a range of options.

  • Consulting and integration services: MNOs can offer their consulting expertise to help enterprises design, deploy, and manage their private 5G networks. This could involve spectrum planning, network design, security audits, and ongoing maintenance.

  • Slicing and roaming services: MNOs can lease slices of their public 5G networks to enterprises for dedicated use, offering a more cost-effective alternative to building their own private networks. Additionally, they can enable roaming agreements between private and public networks, providing seamless connectivity for enterprises with geographically dispersed operations.

  • Developing innovative applications and services: MNOs can leverage their understanding of network technologies and enterprise needs to develop new applications and services specifically tailored for private 5G use cases. This could include areas like industrial automation, remote monitoring, and augmented reality.

Private 5G in Korea

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