Prioritize an SCC carrier in CA

Hi Experts.

Are we able to prioritize an SCC carrier in CA?
We have 3 L2100 carriers: 5 MHz 10 MHz, and 15 MHz.
Obviously, we want the L2100 15 MHz over the other 10 MHz and 5 MHz carrier.
Is this possible?

From DT we seen random use of the carriers as the SCC carriers.
But to maximize the CA throughput would be logical to prioritize the higher BW carrier.

Vendor ZTE.

How many carriers total do you mean? 1 pcell and 3 scell always added i.e. 4 cc.

No idea for intraband CA SCC priority.
Actually in Ericsson and Huawei are now AI based CA.
Internal eNB algo will take care all the situation and assign SCC.
No need to define any priority.
E/// - 21.Q4 onwards.
Huawei - SRAN 16.1 onwards.

Never seen such priority case for CA even inter band as well.
Please tell how it is used.

Yes it is possible relationship based SCC can be priotised.
But that is too complex like big network we have of 75k cells in one market so we are now deploying AI based CA it will take care everything also number of CA parameters also reduced drastically.
Made it very simple.

Please tell more details.
Is there some parameter by which it is controlled?

Sure tmrw But it is old story now no one will do that.
As its ever changing network difficult to configure such complex parameters.

Not old story for us, as we introduced intra band with different carrier BW.
Can we not set SCC band add thresholds?

Can you please share logs for 3CC scenario?
I need to check how scell to add mod list there configure is it in single RRC connection reconfiguration or multiple messages needed.

System will take max MHz first in Ericsson.
Because once define BW & RB takes care of it.
I have seen 2100.

Samsung support prioritization of SCC selection intelligently.
We can choose the option of priority like “available bw in MHz, available CAC, or number of RRC users”.
Generaly we use CAC