Preventing Signaling Storms in a Packet Core Network

Preventing signaling storms in a packet core network is crucial to ensure network stability and efficient operation.

Signaling storms occur when many signaling messages flood the network, leading to congestion, increased latency, and potential service disruptions.

I have been working on this for quite some time now and tried to consolidate strategies in a single picture to prevent signaling storms in packet core network.


Good work here to summarizing for Huawei nodes.

In general most of vendors provide throttling mechanism for all diameter interfaces in EPC (S6a/Gx/Gy) for signalling overload protection where TPS can be configured on node basis. Also DRA are introduced in network to avoid one-to-one mappings. Towards MSC pools are created and traffic divided for imsi hash along with one default pool incase any of pool become unavailable.