PRB Usage less with DSS

Hi Dear All.

After having activated DSS in AWS 20 Mhz I see that the L.ChMeas.PRB.DL.Actual.Avail is not higher than 95.
Before the DSS activation the counter L.ChMeas.PRB.DL.Actual.Avail could reach 100.

May somebody explain me where the 5 PRBs are?

5 PRB getting used for other technology.

You might be doing GL DSS so 5 PRB used for GSM.

In fact it is DSS for NR.
I checked the PRB usage in NR and it is always 1 PRB even when there is not traffic.

DSS for NR with which technology?

LTE Technology.

As per my understanding we have to assign minimum 5 MHz to NR or 1.4 MHz to LTE.
Then how come only 5 PRB are getting used then if you are talking about 100 PRB?
Then I guess 20 MHz spectrum available in LTE and and you want to do DSS 4G-NR or reverse.

If you use DSS between LTE and NR you have to transmit both LTE and NR Resource Block grids in the same frequency and time domain. Since NR supports lean design, reference signals are transmitted only when there is some data to be scheduled on DL. However, there are some 5G signals those are transmitted periodically such as SSB, NZP CSI-RS, CSI-IM, TRS etc. Location of those signals is overlapped with the LTE references signals, hence special MBSFN subframes that are forbidden for LTE transmission will be used to carry 5G broadcast channel and CSI-RS signals. Usually, there’s 3 MBSFN subframes scheduled within 40ms periodicity, so there will be 7.5% less capacity on LTE (7.5% less number of max PRBs you can allocate on LTE) once you deploy Dynamic Spectrum Sharing LTE <-> NR.