PRB terminology

Look for this parameter:

And counters:

SRB is the signaling that carry messages signaling that you can calculate in major KPIs (RRC, NAS…).
Note: there is SRB0, SRB1 & SRB2 in LTE.
In 5G, there is the same + SRB3 (new one).

SRB concept there is Ericsson system for RRC & NAS signaling.

Yes SRB is signalling Radio Bearer agreed.
The thing that I was speaking about was Scheduling Resource Blocks.

Lets keep same understanding SRB is Signalling Radio Bearer only.


A scheduling block consists of two RBs adjacent in time and with the same subcarriers.
A scheduling block is the smallest downlink unit that can be scheduled to UE.

Yes its agree scheduling block is smallest allocated unit ie PRB.
It’s not SRB.
At least 1 PRB to UE.

So we were actually confusing between SRB and SB here?

Yes, I was talking about this.

It’s all clear now, thanks. :slight_smile: